Streamline Your Recurring Billing & Save

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If you run a business based on any kind of recurring billing, you’re going to need some help when it comes to receiving payments for your goods or services.  You want your billing process to be automated, efficient, and hassle-free.  At the minimum, here’s what you are going to need:


You’re going to need help in keeping track of your customers’ information.  Email addresses, payment information, and type of agreement are the very minimum.  Keeping track of payments, schedules, and account balances are a necessity.  You want reporting and easy ways of communicating with customers (from sending receipts to promotional emails).  The software must be accurate and able to schedule the recurring payments to your liking.  If it doesn’t have a payment gateway (to send your payments to the processor), you’ll have to get one of those, too.

Payment Processing and Merchant Account:

These two can be combined into one service, but not always.  This is the company that will actually process the payments that the software scheduled for you.  They’ll run your credit cards and EFTs and report to you which ones were declined.  You’ll pay for this service according to your agreed upon rates (often a percentage) along with all those miniscule and often hidden credit card fees that start to increase those percentages in no time.  They’ll deposit the successful payments, minus your fees, into your bank account.

In-House Account Staff:

Someone is going to have to work your software and accounts.  Whether it is you or hired staff, you’ll still have to respond to your customers via phone or email when they want to update their payment information or understand the details of their account.  You’ll also have rejected payments to deal with and need a plan to recover them.  This person must be accurate and provide good customer service.  Unless you have perfect customers who always pay on time and never change their information, this is going to be a task that is more consuming than you’d like.

And don’t forget that these three groups are going to need to communicate with each other and you get to be the coordinator.  Your software has to work with your payment processor, and your in-house account staff is going to have to be trained and interact with each.  Each must be set up separately, paid separately, and instructed separately.  Unless these administrative tasks are your cup of tea, you’d probably rather be doing those things that make your business better. 

How much time would you save if instead of dealing with three different groups, you only had to work with one?  No additional training of staff, no long merchant account statements to wade through, no extra payments to the software company.  If your whole billing process was streamlined for you and there was only one company to communicate with and pay, how much of your hassle would disappear?

At Crowne One, we are a full-service billing company.  We offer advanced and flexible software, competitive payment processing rates, and customer service staff trained in your policies.  Once you send us a new account, we handle all the payment-related servicing from scheduling to processing, from answering questions over the phone to sending email promotions.  All you have to do is get paid.  Because we do the whole billing process, we know how it ought to be done and can do it more efficiently.  We can save you time and hassle, and do the whole process for less than what you could do it yourself Afterall, one is much more efficient than three (or more).

Are You Ready to Find Out How Crowne One Can Save You Time & Money?

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